REL courses are organized as Question Sets (Q-Banks) that are designed to help medical students succeed in medical school


Structure and function of genes, chromosomes and genomes, biological variation resulting from recombination, mutation, and selection, population genetics, use of genetic methods to analyze protein function, gene regulation and inherited disease

  • Molecular structure and function of Genes and Genomes
  • Inheritance, Recombination, and Interaction of Genes
  • Mutations
  • Genetics of Bacteria, Phages, and Genetic Engineering
  • Gene regulation, Theory and Applications
  • Population/Evolution Genetics

Basic organization of the body and functions of major body systems, impact of diseases on certain systems, the structure and function of the human body, basic anatomical terminology, biochemical composition of the human body

  • Human body
  • Digestive systems and urinary System
  • Nervous System
  • Cardiovascular system
  • Muscular system
  • Lymphatic/Immune System
  • Respiratory System
  • Endocrine System
  • Reproductive System

Molecular structure, metabolic pathways, gene expression, genetic diseases and metabolic disorders, clinical implications of human biochemistry.

  • Biological Acids, Bases, and Buffers
  • Structure of Proteins
  • Enzymes
  • Biomembranes
  • Second Messengers & Hormonal Regulation of Metabolism
  • Acetyl CoA and the Citric Acid Cycle
  • Carbohydrate digestion and uptake
  • Glycolysis
  • Lipid Metabolism
  • Protein and Amino Acid Metabolism
  • Biochemistry of Diabetes Mellitus
  • Heme Metabolism
  • Nucleotide Metabolism
  • Free Radicals, Anti-oxidant

Components of the body and major body systems including structure of the human body, anatomical terminology, biochemical composition of the human body.

  • Digestive systems and Urinary System Components
  • Nervous System Components
  • Cardiovascular system Components
  • Muscular system Components
  • Lymphatic/Immune System Components
  • Respiratory System Components
  • Endocrine System Components
  • Reproductive System Components